The Ultima’s non-stop operation is attributed to its unique pre-compression chamber technology.The Ultima puts out up to 50% more wrapped bales per hour than other round baler wrappers. The semi-variable chamber produces 1.25-1.5m diameter bales. The Ultima sets the standard in baler innovation with Krone leading the way.

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Easy Flow Pick-up

Ultima feature image 1
  • Camless pickup featuring 5 rows of helically arranged double tines that collect the crop fast and cleanly.
  • Heavy duty gears and drive chains offer a reliable overload protection giving piece of mind during those sudden impacts.
  • Massive crop flow augers help shift crop from the sides into the bale chamber for uniform bale formation.
  • The crop rollers helps eliminate the risk of pushing up crop in uneven windrows.
  • Tool free adjustable gauge wheels allow you to adjust the height to suit current conditions for a superior ride.

Feed Rotor

Ultima feature image 2
  • Designed to handle massive volumes of crop the feed rotor maintains a constant flow of material for the perfect bale.
  • Two rows of welded tines arranged in a helical pattern ensures an even crop flow into the baler in a V – Formation ensure even crop flow and also fill the bale to the outside when picking up a narrower windrow.
  • With a massive feed rotor diameter of 750mm with hardoxed plated tines arranged in a V formation provides continuous crop flow and densely packed crop inside the pre compression chamber.
  • Should a blockage occur, the floor of the feed area and the knife bed lower hydraulically to the passageway and allow the crop to pass smoothly.


Ultima feature image 3
  • The knives cut the crop across the entire length of the cutting edge, their wavy edge provides for longevity and clear cuts.
  • All knives are individually protected by a spring mechanism that breaks back when hitting a foreign object, once the object is passed they return to cutting position automatically.
  • Hydraulic knife selection system engages and disengages the knives in sets of 0,13, and 26, the operator can choose between two spacings 42mm and 86mm.
  • The knives are bedded in a drawbar that drops hydraulically and then pulls out to the side for easy fitting/removal from the side of the machine.

NovoGrip belts

Ultima feature image 4
  • Metal slats and endless rubber belts form the ideal combination to make to form highest density bales no matter the crop or conditions.
  • NovoGrip belts come with 30,000 bale/ 3 year warranty.
  • The slats mesh around the crop without any slippage to the bale or drive of the belts, they provide a positive feed at all times be it wet silage or dry hay/straw.
  • All NovoGrip belts are tested under extreme resistance with belts only operating under 10% of their resistance tear load.


Ultima feature image 5
  • Heavy duty 1½” drive chains to withstand the highest of loads. Spring-loaded tensioners reduce maintenance and extend the service life of the chains.
  • The onboard hydraulic system including air cooler takes care of a steady oil supply  to the individual hydraulic components. An inspection in the oil reservoir shows the current fill level.
  • Automatic chain lubrication that uses an electric pump to apply oil and grease.
  • Automatic and central lubrication system is standard specification and attends to all grease points making service and maintenance easier increasing durability.

Film Wrapping

Ultima feature image 6
  • The wrapping table is designed like a concave tray and features massive bobbins that hold the bale in position and exhert a firm grip on its face.
  • With storage capacities of up to 18 film rolls you can store plenty of film for those non stop baling days.
  • The hydraulic elevator and wrapper drives are fully sequenced and aligned to each other to ensure perfect film overlaps. The dead man’s handle stops the wrapping process the moment the operator touches it.

Net wrapping

Ultima feature image 7
  • The net wrapping cycle is fast and short, the net is actively fed into the bale chamber via a swing and feed roller assembly.
  • The capacity to store up to 3 net rolls and a gas strutted power lifting device for easy net replacement.
  • The adjustable net break allows for the tightest of wraps and well shaped bales.

Step inside

Ultima feature image 8
  • The pre-compression chamber is made up from a pair of conveyor belts that are arranged at top and at the bottom. These belts collect and compress the material during the net wrapping/ bale transfer process.
  • The bottom conveyor belt and front starter roller lower to increase the opening to the bale chamber and speed up the filling process. The large opening makes for a smooth and unobstructed flow into the baler.
  • When the bale chamber opens the bale instantly drops onto the wrapping table by its own weight.

How it Works

Ultima feature image 9
  • The material flows from the pick-up to the tapering conveyor belts which form the pre-compression chamber and feed it to the empty semi-variable bale chamber. Here, the NovoGrip system forms the material to high-density round bales. Then, the bale is transferred to the wrapper for film wrap, if this is desired.
  • The pre-compression cycle starts when the bale inside the chamber nears completion. Two conveyor belts in a conical arrangement reverse briefly, feeding the crop a short way back to the rotor cutter. As the rotor cutter continues feeding more crop to the belts the material is being compressed. At the same time, film wrapping is completed and the finished bale is placed on the ground.
  • While the net is being applied, the rotor continues feeding material to the bale chamber, compressing it as it does so. In high-volume crop, the bottom belt lowers to increase the capacity of its pre-compression area.
  • Once the net wrapping cycle is completed, the finished bale is transferred to the wrapping table, where the wrapping cycle starts. During the transfer process, incoming crop is being reversed by the belts and compressed as the rotor cutter continues feeding more crop to the bale chamber. This way, the belts actively support the baling cycle.
  • When the rear door closes, the belts start feeding the material to the bale chamber. The starter roller, which is arranged between the baling chamber and the conveyor belts, lowers to clear the way into the baling chamber and allowing the material to flow into the chamber. The NovoGrip belt-and-slat elevator starts rolling the material.
  • As soon as the pre-compressed material flows into the bale chamber, the bottom belt and the starter roller are raised and the pickup continues collecting material and feeding it to the belts, which continue conveying it to the bale chamber, where the next bale is growing in size whilst the previous bale is being finished on the wrapping table.


Ultima spec sheet

Bale diameter x width1,250-1,500 x 1,200 mm
Length9,000 mm
Width3,000 mm
Height3,900 mm
Weight11,400 Kg
Cam Trackless Pick-up working width2,150 mm
Rows of tines5
Rotor cutter 26 knivesStandard
Hydraulic knives selectionStandard
Tyre size620/40 R 22.5
Tandem axleStandard
Power requirement150 HP
PTO Speed540 rpm